We are Lului Bikinis! We provide FUN and FUNCTIONAL swimwear for kids using one-of-a-kind prints, age-appropriate designs, and quality UPF 50+ lycra. Your child will feel comfortable surfing, playing, or lounging in our suits. Lului Bikinis is based on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawai’i where we draw daily inspiration from kids playing in the sand, rolling in the shore break, and surfing the never ending supply of waves!

Lului Bikinis was created by two young mothers sharing the same vision for a quality and unique swim line for children. We have artist, Priscilla Saboia, creating vibrant prints exclusively for our suits! Those prints are then used on the finest Brazilian lycra that is not only soft and quick-drying, but UPF50+. Our products are guaranteed to bring out the beach spirit in any young keiki! We hope you and your children enjoy our swimwear as much as we do!

With Much Love & Aloha!

Lului Bikinis Team

What is UPF 50+?

Skin cancer is no joke, and we know your child will be spending time in the sun. Clothing is our first line of defense from the sun, and Lului Bikinis takes the care of using certified UPF 50+ fabric for our swimsuits!

Our UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) 50+ certification means that Lului Bikinis fabric allows only 1/50th of the sun’s UV radiation to reach your child’s skin. You can feel at peace knowing that when your child is wearing Lului Bikinis, they are wearing the highest quality Brazilian lycra that not only protects, but is soft and comfortable to wear. Let’s protect our keiki from harmful UV rays!!!

How CUTE Are These Prints?!

Did you know that Lului prints are designed exclusively for us? That’s right, you won’t see them anywhere else! We have partnered with Priscilla Saboia, an artist from Rio de Janeiro’s famous Milk Studio to bring us vibrant and fun prints! Priscilla’s passion for globe-trotting (56 countries) greatly influences her artistic vision. She has perfected the art of using the world around her to create unique work. Her combination of contemporary and vintage are especially vivid in her designs for Lului Bikinis. The result? 100% unique prints that you and your kids are sure to love!